Gwendolyn Paradice 6/26/21 - Episode #25: "After the Storm," by Gwendolyn Paradice, read by Ian Hopps.
Beth Alvarado 6/12/21 -
Episode #24: Selection from Jillian in the Borderlands by Beth Alvarado, read by Kelley Ogden.
Peter Orner 5/22/21 - Episode #23: "Ineffectual Tribute to Len" by Peter Orner, read by read by Chad Fisk.
Jacob Appel 5/15/21 - Episode #22: “The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street,” by Jacob Appel, read by Renee Hewitt.
reyna-grande 4/24/21 -
Episode #21: Selection from The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande, read by Leah Sanginiti.
Joshua Mohr 4/10/21 - Episode #20: Selection from Model Citizen by Joshua Mohr, read by Eric Baldwin.
lauren-hwang-finkleman 3/13/21 - Episode"19: “Remains” by Lauren Hwang-Finkelman, read by Danika Sudik.
Adam Peter Johnson 2/27/21 - Episode #18: Selection from Branches by Adam Peter Johnson, read by Jason Oler.
Mary Kearney-Brown 2/13/21 - Episode #17: "Hawaiian Shirts" by Mary Kearney-Brown, read by Thomas Dean.
Jill Heffron 1/23/21 - Episode #16: "It's a Girl" by Jill Heffron, read by Tanya Lieberman.
Matthew Lansburgh 1/9/21 - Episode #15: "Outside is the Ocean," by Matthew Lansburgh, read by Zachary Scovel.
12/26/20 - Episode #14: Louisa May Alcott's "A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True" will be read by Marcia Gollober.
Jim Lane 12/12/20 - Episode #13: O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi" will be read by returning Stories on Stage Davis actor Jim Lane.
David E. Yee 11/28/20 - Episode #12: "Heaven for Your Full Lungs" by David E. Yee, read by Brandon Nakagaki.
Lisa Locasio 11/21/20 - Episode #11: "Afternoon" by Lisa Locascio, read by Analise Langford-Clark.
Caroline-Goodwin 10/24/20 - Episode #10: "The Money Place" by Caroline Goodwin, read by Kat Miller.
Arielle Schussler 10/17/20 - Episode #9: "Seeping Past Theseus" by Arielle Schussler, read by Andrea Love.
Shelley Blanton-Stroud 9/26/20 - Episode #8: Selection from Copy Boy by Shelley Blanton-Stroud, read by Kellie Raines.
Zeeva Bukai. 9/12/20 - Episode #7: "Like Water on Stone" by Zeeva Bukai, read by Martha Kight.
Elise Winn 8/22/20 - Episode #6: "After Ida" by Elise Winn, read by Sarah Elizabeth
Alexandra Chang 8/8/20 - Episode #5: "Tell Me What You Think of Me" by Alexandra Chang read by Joy Ding
Elizabeth Rosner 7/25/20 - Episode #4: "Electric City" by Elizabeth Rosner read by Patty Shade
Sam Schieren 7/11/20 - Episode #3: "Alibi" by Sam Schieren, read by J.R. Yancher
Mathieu Cailler 6/27/20 - Episode #2: "Zorba's" by Mathieu Cailler, read by Christopher Ryan
6/13/20 - Episode #1: “Wet Nurse” By Naomi J. Williams Read by Jessica Laskey
Evan White 6/10/20 - Podcast introduction by Evan White, director of Stories on Stage Davis.

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