For our eighth season (2020-2021), we could not hold events in person, so we turned to a new format: the podcast. Every two weeks we aired one author’s story read aloud by one actor. The host was former director Evan White. Listen to all these great stories wherever you are in your own life story—at home, on a walk, in the car. And they might just follow you long after you listen.

Evan White 6/10/20 - Podcast introduction by Evan White, director of Stories on Stage Davis.
6/13/20 - Episode #1: “Wet Nurse” By Naomi J. Williams Read by Jessica Laskey
Mathieu Cailler 6/27/20 - Episode #2: "Zorba's" by Mathieu Cailler, read by Christopher Ryan
Sam Schieren 7/11/20 - Episode #3: "Alibi" by Sam Schieren, read by J.R. Yancher
Elizabeth Rosner 7/25/20 - Episode #4: "Electric City" by Elizabeth Rosner read by Patty Shade
Alexandra Chang 8/8/20 - Episode #5: "Tell Me What You Think of Me" by Alexandra Chang read by Joy Ding
Elise Winn 8/22/20 - Episode #6: "After Ida" by Elise Winn, read by Sarah Elizabeth
Zeeva Bukai. 9/12/20 - Episode #7: "Like Water on Stone" by Zeeva Bukai, read by Martha Kight.
Shelley Blanton-Stroud 9/26/20 - Episode #8: Selection from Copy Boy by Shelley Blanton-Stroud, read by Kellie Raines.
Arielle Schussler 10/17/20 - Episode #9: "Seeping Past Theseus" by Arielle Schussler, read by Andrea Love.
Caroline-Goodwin 10/24/20 - Episode #10: "The Money Place" by Caroline Goodwin, read by Kat Miller.
Lisa Locasio 11/21/20 - Episode #11: "Afternoon" by Lisa Locascio, read by Analise Langford-Clark.
David E. Yee 11/28/20 - Episode #12: "Heaven for Your Full Lungs" by David E. Yee, read by Brandon Nakagaki.
Jim Lane 12/12/20 - Episode #13: O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi" will be read by returning Stories on Stage Davis actor Jim Lane.
12/26/20 - Episode #14: Louisa May Alcott's "A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True" will be read by Marcia Gollober.
Matthew Lansburgh 1/9/21 - Episode #15: "Outside is the Ocean," by Matthew Lansburgh, read by Zachary Scovel.
Jill Heffron 1/23/21 - Episode #16: "It's a Girl" by Jill Heffron, read by Tanya Lieberman.
Mary Kearney-Brown 2/13/21 - Episode #17: "Hawaiian Shirts" by Mary Kearney-Brown, read by Thomas Dean.
Adam Peter Johnson 2/27/21 - Episode #18: Selection from Branches by Adam Peter Johnson, read by Jason Oler.
lauren-hwang-finkleman 3/13/21 - Episode"19: “Remains” by Lauren Hwang-Finkelman, read by Danika Sudik.
Joshua Mohr 4/10/21 - Episode #20: Selection from Model Citizen by Joshua Mohr, read by Eric Baldwin.
reyna-grande 4/24/21 -
Episode #21: Selection from The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande, read by Leah Sanginiti.
Jacob Appel 5/15/21 - Episode #22: “The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street,” by Jacob Appel, read by Renee Hewitt.
Peter Orner 5/22/21 - Episode #23: "Ineffectual Tribute to Len" by Peter Orner, read by read by Chad Fisk.
Beth Alvarado 6/12/21 -
Episode #24: Selection from Jillian in the Borderlands by Beth Alvarado, read by Kelley Ogden.
Gwendolyn Paradice 6/26/21 - Episode #25: "After the Storm," by Gwendolyn Paradice, read by Ian Hopps.