9/12/15 - Season 3 Opening Event, featuring Naomi J. Williams (author, Landfalls) and Zachary Mason (author, The Lost Books of the Odyssey).
10/10/15 - Featuring Dr. Andy Jones and Kate Duren (authors, Where's Jukie?) and Brenda Nakamoto (author, Peach Farmer's Daughter).
11/14/15 - Featuring Catriona McPherson (author, The Child Garden) and David Hagerty (author, They Tell Me You Are Wicked).
12/12/15 - Featuring Ellen Sussman (author, A Wedding in Provence), and emerging writer Charlene Logan Burnett.
1/9/16 - Featuring Colin Winnette (author, Coyote) and Bill Pieper (author, Forgive Me, Father).
2/13/16 - Featuring Maceo Montoya (author, You Must Fight Them), and emerging writer Nicole Simonsen.
3/12/2016 - Featuring Bich Minh Nguyen (author, Pioneer Girl), emerging writer Anita Yu.
4/9/16 - Featuring Val Brelinski (author, The Girl Who Slept with God), Sandra Hunter (author, Losing Touch).
5/14/16 - For National Short Story Month, we're featuring the winners of this year's Stories on Stage Davis/UC Davis Fiction Contest, Becky Mandelbaum and Christina Turner.
6/11/16 - Featuring Carmen Lau (author, The Girl Wakes), and Genanne Walsh (author, Twister).