Vanessa Hua 9/8/18 - Season 6 Opening Night Gala, featuring  Vanessa Hua (author,  A River of Stars) and Paula Saunders (author, The Distance Home).
Michael David Lukas 10/13/18 - Featuring Michael David Lukas (author, The Last Watchman of Old Cairo) and Valerie Fioravanti (Garbage Night at the Opera).
Bree Barton 11/10/18 - Featuring Bree Barton (author, Heart of Thorns) and Rita Bullwinkel (author, Belly Up).
R.O.Kwan 12/8/18 - Featuring R. O. Kwon (author, The Incendiaries) and Colin Winnette (author, The Job of the Wasp).
Anne Da Vigo 1/12/19 - Featuring Anne Da Vigo (author, Thread of Gold) and Scott Alumbaugh (author, Will Kill for Food).
Jamel Brinkley 2/9/19 - Featuring Jamel Brinkley (author, A Lucky Man) and Nick White (author, Sweet and Low).
Crystal Wilkinson 3/9/19 - Featuring Crystal Wilkinson (author, The Birds of Opulence) and Ingrid Rojas Contreras (author, Fruit of the Drunken Tree).
Jamil Kochai 4/13/19 - Featuring featuring UC Davis alumni Jamil Jan Kochai (author, 99 Nights in Logar) and Maria Kuznetsova (author, Oksana, Behave!)
Pam Houston 5/11/19 - Featuring Pam Houston (author, Deep Creek) and Melinda Moustakis (author, Bear Down, Bear North).
shobha_rao 6/8/19 - Featuring Shobha Rao (author, Girls Burn Brighter) and Esmé Weijun Wang (author, The Collected Schizophrenias).