John Lescroart 9/10/16 - Season 4 Opening Gala featuring Sherlock Holmes-themed work from John Lescroart, Lucy Corin, and Catriona McPherson.
Shobha Rao 10/8/16 - Featuring writers from San Francisco and Los Angeles, Shobha Rao (author, An Unrestored Woman) and Carmiel Banasky (author, The Suicide of Claire Bishop).
11/12/16 - Featuring previews of two novels by award-winning writers Jacinda Townsend (author, Saint Monkey) and Rabih Alameddine (author, An Unnecessary WomanThe Angel of History).
Christopher DeWan 12/10/16 - Featuring Christopher DeWan (author, Hoopty Time Machines) and Ramona Ausubel (author, Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty).
Kim Stanley Robinson 1/14/17 - Featuring Berkeley author Lucy Jane Bledsoe (author, A Thin Bright Line) and Davis author Kim Stanley Robinson (author, the Mars Trilogy; Aurora).
Evan White 2/11/17 - Featuring Stegner Fellow Callan Wink (author Dog Run Moon) and emerging writer Evan White.
Rachel Stark 3/11/17 - Featuring UC Davis Professor Emeritus and award-winning painter, poet, and fiction writer Clarence Major (author, Chicago Heat and Other Stories), and emerging writer Rachel Stark.
Shruti Swamy 4/8/17 - Featuring award-winning authors Kelly Luce (Pull Me Under) and Shruti Swamy.
Emily Masuda 5/13/17 - Featuring winners of the 4th Annual Stories on Stage Davis/UC Davis Fiction Contest, Emily Masuda and Madeline Gobbo,
Peg Alford Pursell 6/10/17 - Featuring Peg Alford Pursell (author, Show Her a Flower, a Bird, a Shadow) and Shawna Yang Ryan (author, Green Island).