Karen Joy Fowler 9/9/17 - Season 5 Opening Night Gala. Best-selling author and Booker Prize finalist Karen Joy Fowler will present two writers she selected for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016Will Kaufman and Liz Ziemska.
10/14/17 - Featuring stories of immigration and wilderness from writer and translator Achy Obejas (author, The Tower of the Antilles) and Northern California author Ann Hillesland.
11/11/17 - Celebrating the publication of Assault and Buttery, the latest book in Kristi Abbott's  (Eileen Rendahl) Popcorn Shop Mystery Series, as well as thrilling new work from Kris Calvin. 
Brandy Colbert and Shayne Langford 12/9/17 - YA Night, featuring Los Angeles author Brandy Colbert and local emerging writer Shayne Langford. 
Shanthi Sekaran 1/13/18 - Featuring Shanthi Sekaran (author, Lucky Boy) and emerging writer Robert Faus.
Grant Faulkner 2/10/18 - Featuring short short stories by short-short stories by NANOWRIMO Executive Director Grant Faulkner (author, Fissures), Kirstin Chen (author, Bury What We Cannot Take), Rob Davidson (author, Spectators: Flash Fictions), Laurie Ann Doyle (author, World Gone Missing), Thaisa Frank (author, Enchantment), and Robert Scotellaro (author, Bad Motel).
Janine Kovac 3/10/18 - A night of nonfiction from Janine Kovac (author, Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home)and emerging writer Fátima Policarpo.
Josh Weil 4/14/18 - Featuring Josh Weil (author, The Age of Perpetual Light) and Michele Moore (author, The Cigar Factory: A Novel of Charleston).
Jeanne-Panfely 5/12/18 - Featuring work from the winners of our fifth annual Stories on Stage Davis/UC Davis Fiction Contest: 1st place winner Jeanne Panfely and 2nd place winner Mackenzie Nordahl.
Lynn Freed 6/9/18 - Featuring Lynn Freed (author, The Last Laugh) and Molly Giles (author, Iron Shoes).