kim-magowan 9/14/19 - Season Seven opener, featuring Kim Magowan (author, The Light Source) and Jeri Howitt.
Brett Riley 10/12/19 - Celebrating the 8thAnniversary issue of Under the Gum Tree. Featuring Brett Riley (author, The Subtle Dance of Impulse and Light) and Stephanie J. Andersen.
Lori Ostlund 11/9/19 - Featuring Lori Ostlund ( author, After the Parade) and Anne Raef (author, Winter Kept Us Warm).
Chia Chia Lin 12/14/19 - Featuring Chia-Chia Lin (author, The Unpassing), and Yalitza Ferreras.
D. Wystan Owen 1/11/20 - Featuring Wystan Owen (author, Other People's Love Affairs: Stories), and Angela Pneuman (author, Home Remedies).
rae-gouirand 2/8/20 - Featuring non-fiction by Rae Gouirand (author, The History of Art) and Marcelo Hernandez Castillo (author, Children of the Land).
6/13/20 - Episode #1: “Wet Nurse” By Naomi J. Williams Read by Jessica Laskey
Mathieu Cailler 6/27/20 - Episode #2: "Zorba's" by Mathieu Cailler, read by Christopher Ryan
Sam Schieren 7/11/20 - Episode #3: "Alibi" by Sam Schieren, read by J.R. Yancher
Elizabeth Rosner 7/25/20 - Episode #4: "Electric City" by Elizabeth Rosner read by Patty Shade
Alexandra Chang 8/8/20 - Episode #5: "Tell Me What You Think of Me" by Alexandra Chang read by Joy Ding
Elise Winn 8/22/20 - Episode #6: "After Ida" by Elise Winn, read by Sarah Elizabeth