lori-ostlund 9/16/23 - Featuring Lori Ostlund (The Bigness of the World) and Kathryn Williams and Carolyn Waggoner (Rhino Dreams).
Suzanne-Lewis 10/14/23 - Featuring Suzanne Lewis (Bowing Out of Texas) and Alberta Nassi (Falling).
dax-meredith 11/11/23 - Featuring Dax Meredith (excerpt from The Sound of the Snow Geese, a Camp Fire memoir) and Lois Ann Abraham (excerpt from Deborah’s Gift)
maya-sinha 12/9/23 - Featuring Maya Sinha (excerpt from The City Mother) and Bruce Rettig (excerpt from Refraction: An Arctic Memoir). Details coming soon.
donna-apidone 1/13/24 - Featuring Donna Apidone (Drive-Time Meditations) and Daniel Tam Claiborne. Details coming soon.
Scott Alumbaugh 2/10/24 - Featuring Scott Alumbaugh (On the Pony Express Trail: One Man's Bikepacking Journey to Discover History from a Different Kind of Saddle) and Katherine Shirek Doughtie (Aphrodite in Jeans). Details coming soon.
anara-guard 3/9/24 - Featuring Anara Guard (Like a Complete Unknown) and Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi (The Book of Margaret and Kane). Details coming soon.
zuni-chopra 4/13/24 - Featuring Zuni Chopra (The House that Spoke) and Yolo County high school writing contest winner (TBD). This special event will take place at Veterans Memorial Theatre, 203 East 14th St in Davis, CA. Details coming soon.
daniel-coshnear 5/11/24 - Featuring Daniel Coshnear (Separation Anxiety) and p Joshua laskey.