Featuring Zuni Chopra (The House That Spoke) and Yolo County high school writing contest winner Kaussar Tortay. This special event will take place at Veterans Memorial Theatre, 203 East 14th St in Davis, CA. Registration required for this event. You can find details and reservation forms here.

zuni-chopraZuni Chopra is a 22-year-old Indian author with four published works. She released her first poetry collection at the age of 9 and her debut novel, The House That Spoke, at 15. She is most interested in magical realism and blurring the lines between our reality and our imagination. Her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Madeline Miller, T.S. Eliot, and Lewis Carroll. She is currently an undergraduate at Stanford University, pursuing a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. 


kaussar-tortayKaussar Tortay is a hopeful high school junior who has been writing casually since she was little. This is her first serious attempt at telling an original story. Drawing inspiration from her favorite lyricists and writers–Ryan Ross, Ray Bradbury, and Sophie Kinsella–she hopes to tackle larger projects one day. Her favorite genres are science fiction and slice-of-life and in her free time, she enjoys crocheting gifts for her loved ones.

Seven local teen actors will read different roles in Chopra’s and Tortay’s stories. Bios and photos forthcoming.