Meet the Writers & Actors

WeAreAllCompletely_paperbackWhat will be left after the great December storm of 2014 blows through Davis? One thing you can count on: we’ll be at the Pence Gallery on Saturday, along with Karen Joy Fowler and Sue Staats. We can’t wait. As always, stick around after the event to get your books signed and meet the actors and writers. Did you love the story? Is a sentence still ringing in your head? Did the performance bring the piece to life in a way you’d never imagined? Let them know!

In case you don’t yet have Karen Joy Fowler’s award-winning new novel (or are missing one of her other amazing books), Davis’s independent bookstore, The Avid Reader, will be at the Pence with copies to sell.

Until then, reinforce your umbrellas, secure your lawn furniture, and locate your battery-powered booklights. See you Saturday!

“As part of leaving Bloomington for college and my brand new start, I’d made a careful decision to never ever tell anyone about my sister, Fern. Back in those college days I never spoke of her and seldom thought of her. If anyone asked about my family, I admitted to two parents, still married, and one brother, older, who traveled a lot. Not mentioning Fern was first a decision, and later a habit, hard and painful even now to break. Even now, way off in 2012, I can’t abide someone else bringing her up. I have to ease into it. I have to choose my moment.” — from We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler