Featured Actors 3/12/16

Eimi TaorminaEimi Taormina will read from Pioneer Girl by Bich Minh Nguyen. Taormina is very excited to be doing her first reading with Stories on Stage! She usually performs in various community theaters in the Sacramento area. Some of her favorite roles include Eponine in Les Miserables, The Witch in Into the Woods, Rhoda in A New Brain, and Christmas Eve in Avenue Q. Aside from performing in musicals, Taormina graduated with a master’s degree in forensic science from UC Davis and also works full time as a chemist at the UC Davis Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. She would like to thank her loving husband, Patrick, for all his support.


Ian Hopps

Ian Hopps will read “Swindle” by Anita Yu. This is Hopps’ debut at Stories on Stage and, a life-long reader, he’s very excited to give voice to the author’s work. Growing up in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, Hopps began acting (and telling stories) at a young age, pursuing the craft early in elementary school and continuing through college at San Francisco State University. Recently transplanted to the Sacramento area, he now works as an associate producer for the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble and continues to pursue acting. His next role will be in Big Idea Theatre’s upcoming production of The Rover. Hopps would like to give a sincere thanks to the Davis community for showing so much support to the arts! “Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful.”